"Start by starting" - Meryl Streep

Cathy Kelley  © Michael Levy Photography

Welcome to my brand new blog and very first post!!!

I cannot begin to express how excited I am to kick this off. For years, I've wanted to start blogging as a creative outlet, but held myself back with every excuse I could make up: no one will read it, people will make fun of you, there are already 900 million other blogs. But ultimately, with several friends' words of encouragement/yelling at me to start already, I decided to just go for it! If even one of the weird life hacks I've picked up over the last 28+ years helps one person, then I'm a happy camper.

A lot of the advice and tips you'll find on this blog are things I learned while trying to navigate life as a semi-adult. There's also plenty of wisdom sprinkled in there from people who are far smarter and wiser. And if you enjoy style ideas, healthy (and occasionally not-so-healthy) recipes, and general tips on making life a bit better, I promise to keep 'em coming!

xx CK


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