Girl on the Go or on the Couch

Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography

I probably wear yoga pants more than is socially acceptable. To brunch. Hanging around home. To buy groceries. To buy more yoga pants (Jk, I buy yoga pants online so I don't have to leave my couch). Annnddd also to the gym. Duh.

While I'm a huge fan of Free People leggings and yoga pants, I have a new found love for all things Adidas. And when I saw Stella McCartney had teamed up with them, I was all in! While I may joke that I sit on the couch for an exorbitant amount of time, I am a firm believer that new workout clothes inspire you to get your butt to the gym. Or outdoors. Or wherever you like to get your body moving. And for whatever reason, bright workout pants just make me happy and feel more energized, so these are definitely a win. The different blues incorporated on these pants are some of my favorite colors. Looks like painted water!

Breathable, but not too thin that they're see-through, check. Stretchy in all the right places, check. Bad ass mesh accents, check and check. They've even got a mini pocket for your keys!

Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography

The top is a bodysuit from Spiritual Gangster and while I don't suggest it for high intensity workouts as it has virtually no support, super light cardio or yoga it'd do just fine. Otherwise I'd pair it with a strappy black sports bra. I love the "namaste" embroidered detail though! And if anything I can wear it on the "namaste in bed" days.

What I'm wearing

Top: Spiritual Gangster Awaken Bodysuit

Bottoms: adidas by Stella McCartney Run Stone Tight

Shoes: adidas Sambas

In addition to workout inspo, I'm always down for some new workout music. Let me know on Twitter what songs get you going in the gym or if you're a podcast and cardio kinda person (I switch it up sometimes)!


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