Almost Overalls. Almost.

Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography

What a nutso couple of weeks -- Denver and Dallas and England and New York and Stamford somewhere in between all of that! And FINALLY, I have a minute to sit down and write a new post. Plus, I need an excuse to put off doing the piles of laundry that won't clean themselves.

Have you unpacked yet? Nope, but I have a super important blog post to write about Tassel Earrings, so....yeah.

This is one of those outfits I kind of threw together, where none of the pieces are my safe, go-to's but somehow, miraculously, all work together. I seriously feel like I should be eating macaroons in Paris in this getup, not waste it sitting on my couch, eating rice crackers (oh so glamorous).

But everything in this look is working for me. The almost overalls. The bell bottoms of the leg. The off-the-shoulder, flared long-sleeves. And is anyone else obsessed with tassel earrings right now? Because, I certainly am! I want to try on/own/wear them in every color manufactured.

Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography

Now, I'm going to look up if Postmates delivers any macaroons. If you want to check out the full outfit deets, I've linked below.

What I'm Wearing

Black Overalls: Honey Punch Bell Bottom Jumpsuit

Top: White Off Shoulder Knit Long Sleeve

Tassel Earrings: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Shoes: A pair of older Coach Bootie/Sandals, which unfortunately are two years old and no longer exist online... but I've linked a similar pair Here (and they're on mega-sale!)

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff crossbody (Similar)

Also, special shoutout to my girl, Mother Nature for making these shots extra wind-blown and fabulous. I'm still trying to brush out all the knots my hair, but it was worth it.

As always, tell me if you're digging this look (or not, but don't be too mean) and hit me up on zee Twitter with anything else you want to see on the blog. I'm thinking of creating a holiday gift guide, so let me if that's something you'd want. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography
Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography
Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography
Cathy Kelley © Caitee Smith Photography

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