Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. Spending hours on hours writing out lists of every person in your life that you need to get a gift for. Sitting in bumper to bumper parking lot traffic, just for the honor of getting 20% off in an overly packed mall.

This guide has got you covered with links included. And just think of what you can do with all the time you saved on shopping. I'm thinking couch time and cookies. That's reason enough for me to get it done.

For your boyfriend/husband or techie dad

The ultimate in portable speakers, the Wonderboom is waterproof, only 1.3 lbs, has a 10 hour battery, and produces a crisp, clear sound via bluetooth. It comes in several colors, like this red, black, blue and grey. AND this baby is buoyant too, so if anyone accidentally drops overboard during a deep sea diving adventure, it's not going anywhere.

For your brother

Getting someone a laundry bag as a gift sounds super boring, but not this one! Maybe the most macho laundry bag ever, you're definitely not going to find this one at Bed Bath & Beyond. Once filled, this hanging laundry bag turns any room into a boxing gym. He can reenact Rocky, while cleaning. Two birds.

For your girlfriend/wife/ special lady in your life

Any jewelry from 31Bits. Not only is their jewelry gorgeous, but all of their pieces are ethically handmade and they also promote clean and safe working conditions and fair pay, so you can feel good about your purchase! Just make sure the box is not the size of an engagement ring box. I repeat, make sure the box IS NOT the size of an engagement ring box.

For your mama (or significant other's mother)

The foldable Longchamp bag, packs up to the size of a soda can with handles, so it's perfectly portable when not in use. And it comes in a million different colors. I got the large tote for my mom a few months ago and she uses it for everything from groceries to traveling. It will definitely score major brownie points if you're trying to get in good with your mother in law.

For the coffee lover

We all have that person on our list who spends half their income on daily half-caff, skinny caramel macchiatos. Well say hello to the Minipresso. A handheld, go anywhere, coffeehouse-quality espresso machine. It works with Nespresso pods, so whether a caffeine kick is needed midday at he office or in the middle of nowhere while camping, it's good to go!

For the always on-the-go, girl boss

Behold! The Minimergency Kit. This tiny little pouch has got everything. I'm talking deodorant to a sewing kit to extra earring backs to Advil. I feel like Mary freaking Poppins whenever I open it. I'm not even sure how everything fits. Has so be some sort of dark sorcery. I'm telling you, this will be her new best friend (other than you of course).

For the bro

Behold. The bro-iest gift of all. The Flask Tie. In case you're wondering what it is, it's a neck tie with...yup, just like the name says, a hidden flask on the back. Once the bro in your life realizes how to use it, don't be surprised if you hear a loud, "Bro! This is the best gift ever, bro!" (This is top of the list, one of my favorite gag gifts of all time)

For the coworker who got you a gift, but you didn't realize you guys were "doing gifts" and now you're panicking

I always find it a good idea to buy a couple of extra little gifts in case you forgot someone on the list or someone surprises you with an unexpected present. Gifts that are festive and anyone can appreciate. It's an art. And, if there are any left overs come Christmas morning, they make great stocking stuffers for family! I usually go for Cake in a Jar, or Mug Cake Mix, or Hot Chocolate on a Stick. They're cute, and you can buy in bulk. Add a bow and voila! Instant gift!

I Ho-Ho-Hope you have a stress-free Black Friday! And remember, showing your love for friends and family isn't about material objects. Make sure to celebrate the time you get together. (I say as I have 17 items in my Amazon shopping cart) xx

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