Polar Votex Incoming

It snowed for the first time this season! It was beautiful and magical and also gave me mixed feelings... like do I want to go outdoors so I can see the streets lined in fresh powder, orrr do I want to stay in the comfort of my heated apartment. Very difficult decisions.

But in honor of the first snow and hoping for an outdoor activity filled winter, here is one of my favorite "cold, but not too cold" weather outfits. Seriously, this jacket alone makes me want to break out of my blanked cocoon, get up off my butt and go outside!

Paired with a cute, low-key bedazzled bodysuit, not-the-average black leggings with cool moto detailing, and some NMD's?! Yes, please!

What I'm Wearing

Jacket: Honey Punch Red Shearling Coat

Top: Hours Slater Bodysuit

Bottoms: Black City Slicker Moto Legging

Shoes: White And Grey adidas NMD R2s

I'll be wearing this to run through malls and up to cash registers until I finally get all my holiday shopping done this year. Remember, if you're still looking for the perfect presents, I made a gift guide with something for errybody! Stay warm and happy shopping! xx

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