Hats Off to You

I don't know what it is about winter months, but I always find myself gravitating to all-black outfits. I wanted to break that pattern and include warmer tones and colors this year. I love Burgundy and browns, but this Yellow suspender skirt is the type of color that just makes you happy and hopeful for warmer times.

I've also been obsessing over this hat style recently. Like I want to wear this hat everywhere. Outside. Inside. In the car. In the shower. Ok no, maybe not everywhere. That's weird. But I do want to incorporate it into as many looks as possible!

What I'm Wearing

Hat: Brixton Moto Hat

Skirt: Yellow Floral Suspender Skirt

Top: Black Ribbed Long Sleeve Shirt

Vest: Black Faux Fur

Tights: Black Tights

Boots: Similar Studded Suede Bootie 1, 2, 3

Hope you like this look! Stay warm my loves! xx

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